Intra Uterine Insemination – IUI



Infertility has become a major concern of the human population today. When infertility occurs, both the partners are examined to determine the cause and formulate the best treatment choices. Nowadays, assisted reproductive techniques called artificial inseminations can be used to overcome infertility in couples. IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination is one such procedure which is often recommended for individuals/couples facing infertility.


Soon after the success of animal insemination in the 17th century, human insemination came into practice, and reports of successful artificial insemination grew in number during the late 18th century. The experiments to test the procedure of IUI with the help of new and different machines continued in the 19th century as well. An instrument called Fecondateur consisting of a syringe to assist insemination was developed. More recently, advancements in scientific understanding of the human reproduction, development of reproductive techniques, and further improvement of medical instruments (e.g. catheters) for IUI have largely influenced positive pregnancy outcomes following this treatment.


IUI is a process in which processed and concentrated mobile sperms are inserted into a woman’s uterus. The process of IUI is timed according to the ovulation cycle of a woman. It can be performed one to two times a day immediately after the detection of ovulation in the female. In IUI, a higher concentration of good-quality sperm is deposited close to where the egg is waiting. This accounts for better chances of fertility as the ability of the egg and the sperm to find each other in the female body is high.

Stimulated and unstimulated cycle

Depending upon the nature of your infertility problems, you may need to use fertility drugs to undergo IUI treatment. If a patient is undergoing IUI treatment while taking fertility drugs, it is termed as stimulated cycle. This is because here, drugs stimulate ovulation. If IUI is carried out without using any drugs, it is termed as unstimulated, or natural cycle. During the stimulated cycle, the risk of multiple pregnancy increases. Hence, taking fertility drugs is often not recommended in the cases of unexplained infertility problems.

Injecting sperm

Sperm is injected into the female’s body using a catheter tube. The tube is inserted into the female’s cervix by an infertility practitioner. The sperm is inserted directly into the uterus near a fallopian tube. This is done so that the sperm can mate with the egg during its passage from the ovary to the uterus.



The IUI may help if a male has a low sperm count or his sperm has low mobility. This usually occurs when the sperm’s ability to move around is impaired. However, to make IUI a success, the availability of enough mobile sperm in the male body is required. IUI has proven to be a miracle for couples who are unable or unwilling to conceive through intercourse. For couples who are unable to have sexual intercourse due to disability, injury, or uncontrolled premature ejaculation, IUI can prove to be very helpful. Additionally, IUI is a perfect fertility method for couples with mild endometriosis or unexplained infertility.

Success rate

As with all infertility treatments, the success rates of IUI depends on the cause, severity of the infertility, and the age of the patient. If your spouse has a low sperm count, or you are suffering from unexplained infertility and/or mild endometriosis, 5 to 6 cycles of IUI are recommended. By trying for as much as 6 times, success rate of IUI is liable to increase.


Unlike normal treatments, one needs to take his time to choose their IUI clinic and physician. At Ishwarya, we offer an experienced medical staff to make your IUI treatment a safe and comfortable experience. Our clinic’s success rate and reputation justifies that we are one of the most secured and reliable infertility treatment centers. Being an assisted reproduction technology, IUI comes with enormous expenses. But, at Ishwarya, we aim at providing this miraculous treatment to individuals at affordable costs. We have a well-informed team of staff members, doctors, and nurses who will make sure that your IUI procedure is as calm and comfortable as possible.

Here is a list of benefits that you will receive at our infertility clinic:

  • We provide compassionate care to each and every patient
  • All the instruments used in the treatment are 100 percent sterilized and disinfected
  • We house a team of experienced infertility specialists and practitioners
  • We offer healthy sperm regimens accompanied with fresh cycle packages
  • Treatment packages available for all infertility treatments like IVF, FET, Donor egg, Embryo transfer, and IVF Freeze.
  • We provide 24×7 customer care
  • We offer donor egg programs

IUI is carried out at our specialty clinic with the help of catheters and tenaculums. We make use of different types of IUI catheters having flexible wire within them. This wire helps our physicians to bend the catheter in the desired shape. We also use tenaculums to grab a hold of the cervix wall during IUI procedure. It also helps in tugging the walls of the cervix and straighten the angular position of the uterus. We understand the role an IUI treatment might play in your life and that is why we at Ishwarya are ensure an effective infertility treatment.

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