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A sexologist is a person who studies sexology. Sexology is both science and social science that encompasses biological studies of reproduction and sexual response, along with sociology and psychology. Sexologists usually study all areas of human sex including anatomy, physiology, sexual orientation, sexual development, mechanics of sexual behaviours, as well as the dynamics of sexual relationships. A clinical sexologist focuses on treating infertility treatments, sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and common sexual issues. When treating his patients, he investigates every single detail related to a patient including his sexual and medical history.



The term sexologist is derived from sexology. Sexology has its roots in the mid 19th century. It was at that time when people started referring to them as sexologists. An English medical doctor (surgeon and sexologist) named Havelock Ellis was one of the first researchers to challenge the repression of Victorian age along with his theory of masturbation being a taboo for normal people. Later in 1919, a German physician and clinical sexologist named Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld founded the first sexology institute of the world in Berlin. The effort was focused on carrying out vast researches on human sexual development as well as treatment of infertility and sexual dysfunctions. It was the first of its kind institute and offered treatments for sexual problems.

After World War II, there came a renaissance of sexology in America and Europe. Alfred Kinsey founded Kinsey Institute for sexual research in 1948, at the University of Indiana. Soon after few decades, acclaimed medical researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson founded a teaching institute and treatment clinic for providing sexual wellness to people. These two also introduced their groundbreaking volumes entitled as Human sexual response and Human Sexual Inadequacy in the years 1967 and 1970.

Sexology is now a well-established field and is widely taught in many of the world’s leading universities. Sexologists have become an important part of the medical community and their services are highly appreciated in most of the countries including India.

Role of a Sexologist

Sexology is a field in which, over the past few years, research has blossomed to a great extent. With the advent of technology, new medicinal equipment and procedures have come into picture, and as we witness it, sexologists have turned the tide in favour of the patients. With technologies such as fMRI’s being added to medicinal field, sexologists have been able to develop a better understanding of the role of the human brain in sexual behaviour.

Nowadays, sexologists use psychological counselling methods to empower clients and patients to experience sexuality in a better way. They study cognitive behavioural techniques to identify and eliminate dysfunctional myths and beliefs surrounding the minds of the patients. Sexologists also encourage and advise their patients on getting proper sex education and counselling to further improve their sexual life.

Sexologists also provide sound counselling and guidance on various sex related issues like:


  • Lack of sexual desires
  • Inexperience in sex
  • Sexual abuse or trauma history
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Fear of touch, intimacy, penetration, or pain during sex
  • Incompatible desires between partners
  • Difficulty in communicating about sexual desires and needs
  • Unconsummated marriages or relationships



Sexologists at Iswarya


At Iswarya Women’s Hospital & Fertility Center, our sexologists are fully dedicated to help patients feel confident about their sexual behaviour. We strive to free our patients from sexual misinformation. While our sexologists help couples increase intimacy between them, our infertility specialists take care of sex related diseases or issues causing problems within a couple. We also focus on providing treatments related to sexual dysfunctions and disorders. Below are the common sexual issues that can easily be treated at Iswarya:


  • Painful or inhibited intercourse including vaginismus
  • Mismatched Libidos
  • Gender Issues
  • Sexual Aversion
  • Sexual Compulsion
  • Dyspareunia
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexuality and Aging
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Sexual Rehabilitation
  • Sexuality and Disability
  • Sexuality and Illness
  • Sexual Health Education
  • Forensic Sexology
  • Sexual Communication

At Iswarya Women’s Hospital & Fertility Centre, your confidentiality is certainly assured. We appreciate the complexity of the subject and that is why we provide separate counselling rooms to ensure the privacy and comfort of our patients. Through our professionalism, we provide a personal and comfortable environment to the patients so that they can achieve the desired outcomes.

Our experienced and skilful sexologists use their in-depth knowledge of sexual health issues to offer an individualized solution to meet your sexual health needs.

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