IVF Cost in Chennai, IVF Treatment cost India

IVF is the last resort treatment for couples suffering from infertility. People look at IVF in India due to the lower costs.

IVF TREATMENT COST in India – Test Tube Baby Cost Chennai

IVF costs are much lower in india compared to almost all countries in the developed world. IVF was introduced 40 years back in UK and IVF is being done in India for nearly 25 years. Chennai, the health capital of India is a very popular IVF destination in Asia. The costs of IVF in Chennai are always slightly higher than other places but the Quality of treatment in excellent. Iswarya Fertility centre, Chennai provides excellent quality IVF service with exceptionally good lab with equipments of international repute.

IVF Cycle / ICSI Cycle Costs

There are various costs in IVF cycle. We will share the detailed IVF Cost in this page. The

IVF cycle cost includes Egg retrieval, Anaesthesia for egg retrieval, Sperm preparation, IVF process, Embryo culture, Embryo transfer and all the kits or consumables needed for IVF.

IUI Rs. 3500


Rs. 25,000 + Medicines (Approx Rs. 50k – 90k)

Rs. 50,000 + Medicines (Approx Rs. 50k – 90k)

Hysteroscopy (Diagnostic)  Rs. 20,000
Laparoscopy (Diagnostic) Rs. 25,000 – 40,000

Cost Of Donor Sperm For IVF Treatments in India

Rs.10,000 is the cost of using Donor sperm for IVF treatments at Iswarya Fertility Centre, Chennai.

Cost Of Donor Egg For IVF Treatments in India

Donor egg is required when you suffer from premature ovarian failure, decreased ovarian reserve, previous multiple failed IVF cycles, advanced age, etc. The cost of each donor egg for IVF cycle is Rs.30,000.

Cost Of Donor Embryo For IVF Treatments in India

Donor embryo is required when you suffer from previous multiple failed IVF cycles, repeated implantation failure, both male and female problems of infertility which is difficult to correct, advanced age, etc. The cost of each donor embryo for IVF cycle is Rs.50,000.

Cost Of TESA For IVF Treatments

TESA is a procedure done to extract sperms from tests for men from azoospermia. The cost of TESA is Rs.15,000

Cost Of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) For IVF Treatments

The Cost of ICSI is Rs.50,000 plus medicines.

Embryo Freezing For IVF Treatments

The approximate cost of embryo freezing is Rs.30,000

IVF Cycle Package Cost

You can also opt for IVF cycle package which includes IVF + the hormone injections for IVF. This allows for convenience and most of the times its cheaper.

Not included in IVF Cycle Package

  • Consultation before IVF
  • Scans for follicular monitoring
  • Consultation + Scans package (unlimited)  –  Rs.3000
  • Blood tests during or after IVF (few may be needed)
  • Medicines after IVF – Embryo transfer